Day Nursery Apps Preston, Manchester, Lancashire and North West

Day nursery apps are a great way to communicate with parents. You can quickly inform parents about anything and it’s a great way to promote events, there’s no method of communication that can do everything a high-quality app can.

You might also be thinking but, I have email address and phone numbers so I can just use them, I don’t need an app do I? While those are good methods of communication an app can do so much more and in the long term it is also, much cheaper. Think about it, how much money are you spending on texts and also phone calls, not to mention the printing costs that come with newsletters. We have a wealth of experience building high-quality apps for a range of nurseries and day-care centres and they have revolutionised the way they work. While the financial savings are indeed a huge benefit of an app, they are also great time savers, offering a faster and more reliable method of communication.

Advantages to businesses

Think about who doesn’t have a smartphone these days and with just the click of a button you can quickly send a pop-up message to any or all parents. Plus the learning curve is quick and easy, thanks to our quality app management system so, you can simply and easily send notifications and message to parents. So you’ll be saving time and money and perhaps most importantly also, be more eco-friendly because having your own app will guarantee a reduction in printing costs and paper usage and waste. In other words, in a time when we should all be watching our carbon footprint, an app is a great tool to have.

As well as any prospective parents looking for a nursery for their child are sure to be impressed by the fact that you have your very own app. In short, don’t be surprised if having your own app makes your facility more appealing and helps it stand out against the competition.

With Our Apps You Can Do The Following:

Our amazing day nursery apps offer a great range of features giving you everything you could need to provide a modern service, this includes:

  • The ability to quickly see push notifications.
  • Send information about events.
  • A way to display your opening times and also, update them quickly if they need changing.
  • Add information and links to local business and children’s activities.
  • Quickly inform parents about emergency situations or closures.
  • Create and send booking forms/ letters for trips and events.
  • Easily list contact details so, parents can reach you quickly.
  • Add your own staff profiles and faculty information.
  • Create digital versions of your newsletters.
  • Upload or even send Ofsted reports straight to parents.
  • Easily updatable to add government legislation and free childcare information.
  • You could even add music like nursery rhymes or children’s signing with the music tab.
  • You can also easily add all the important information about your facility in one place.

See below some examples of Day Nursery Apps