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There is four times as many smartphone users as tablet users today and the average user will have their smartphone, with them for 23 hours per day! So, getting business apps should be a top priority, if you want your business to succeed in this increasingly digital smartphone centric world.

That’s where we can help you, MobilePhoneAppsLtd (MPA to our friends) is an experienced and professional leader in app development and production. Whatever industry your business is in, we will work tirelessly to provide you with a high-quality, easy to use, professionally built app at a price to suit you.

With the consumer base of the smartphone user growing all the time year on year, ask yourself can your business really afford to go without an app? Having instant access to that mobile platform, will almost certainly boost your business in countless ways so, getting you own purpose built app is something any business great or small should do.

With MobilePhoneApps Ltd’s amazing team at the helm, you can guarantee an amazing mobile experience for your customers. With a purpose built app from MPA Ltd, you can instantly get in touch with customers, to inform them on your latest offers, new products and much more.

A purpose built professional app, is a sure-fire way to increase brand loyalty and with MPA Ltd you will not only receive a high-quality purpose built app but, also direct access to your own content management system (CMS) so, you can quickly change or edit information on your app.

You will no longer be bound by the confines of traditional methods so, can make as many changes and updates as you require. Furthermore, it makes it even easier to keep your loyal customers informed with all the latest information directly from you.

So, do not run the risk of being left behind, the digital super-highway is a reality and it is getting faster and faster everyday so, do not wait around and get apps built today for your business! Contact MobilePhoneApps Ltd today, to arrange an appointment or find out more information.

We will deliver a custom designed and built app, based on your specifications, tailored to your business

Dealing with Apple can be challenging. We will navigate your App through their approval process quickly and painlessly, so you don’t Have to worry about it

Dealing with Android can be challenging. We will navigate your App through their approval process quickly and painlessly, so you don’t have to worry a bout it.

Once approved, you can update your App’s content automa0cally to both placorms 24-7,via our easy CMS. Upload photos, videos, event dates, special offers etc. 

Can Your Business Afford To Be Without an App?

The short answer is no, most defiantly not and you don’t have to take our word for it, there’s been a multitude of reports and surveys that have shown that mobile apps are their preferred choice of the majority for internet usage now.

In a strange way computers and laptops have been overtaken by small versions of themselves. When it comes to internet usage, the smartphone and to a lesser extent the tablet reign supreme easily, overtaking what we now consider the traditional methods.

And why not a high-quality app offers so much more doesn’t it? Apps are faster, more efficient and much easier to navigate and this all leads to much better user experience and once that has opened up the app, to a much wider user base.

You might think the average smartphone user is a 20-30’s millennial or even younger but, smartphones and apps are used by a wide spectrum of people. So, don’t think that just because you have a business aimed at mostly older people, you won’t need an app because you’ll almost certainly benefit, from having one no matter who your target consumers are.

While many websites (although by no means all of them) are mobile friendly, they simply can’t compete with an app, as an app’s navigation and ease of use is just so much better. So, having a good website doesn’t mean you should skip having an app either.

In fact, the app will compliment your website and your business as a whole.  You’ll be surprised just how much your consumer base can increase, by just by having a high-quality app available to download. And, you can do so much with it from instantly sending news and offers to customers, to holding competitions or even introducing a digital loyalty program.

Having a purpose built app created by our experienced and professional team, will open up so many more possibilities for your business and almost certainly increase your profits and social presence.

With recent research suggesting each smartphone owner now spends up to 80% of their time using apps over websites, any business hoping to succeed in the digital world, simply can’t do without an app. 

So let the experienced, professional and amazing team at MobilePhoneApps Ltd build one for you. Following your specifications, we’ll work alongside you personally to deliver a tailor made purpose built app, that will boost your businesses profile and get you moving on the digital highway. Contact MobilePhoneApps Ltd today to arrange an appointment or find out more information.

Benefits of having an App for your business

With our easy Content Management System you can control lll the content in your App from any web browser and instantly update the information to both Android and Apple

We will build your App with the future in-mind, as new Advancements and features become possible we will provide these to you and your App

Like having a website was cutting edge 10-15 years ago, now to get a head a mobile App is crucial, get noticed and get an App before your competition, it’s just a matter of time

By aiding in pulling repeat customers back in to your business and helping new customers discover you, your App is a vital piece of your marketing weaponry and an Income driver

Your App will be live and discoverable in the two biggest mobile Market places, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market. Collectively these two market places have achieved over 21 BILLION App downloads in less than 3 years

Get them talking about you QUICKLY, using our built-in sharing capabilities with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Send instant messages whenever you wish. 4% of e-mails get opened and 97% of “PUSH“ notifications get read!

Provide up-to-date information about all of your business events and specials by creating an events calendar

Track your daily, weekly, and monthly app downloads with our powerful, built-in analytics feature 

Above are just some of the benefits of an App, with each customer we look at your business or App idea and build the perfect App for your requirements.