Mobile App Developers Preston, Lancashire

Creating a mobile app for your business can help increase traffic, leads and conversions. As mobile app developers in Preston and surrounding areas, we specialise in creating only the best for you and your business.

A major advantage of mobile apps is as the name suggests, its mobile. Your customers, as well as potential customers, will have access to your products or services at any time of the day.

MobilePhoneApps Ltd can develop mobile apps for both IOS and Android platforms. First of all our in-house team will work closely with you to develop ideas. We will come up with designs, budgets and timescales. We will also keep you updated with the application process at every stage.

Native IOS Mobile Apps

While the IOS platform continues its steady climb to the top, mobile app developers have noticed an incredible increase in android platforms. Mobile app developers can not ignore the fact that the Android platform continues to grow and compete with world leaders like Apple’s IOS platform.

Our IOS app developers will commence work from the start of the idea through to the deployment of the completed app. Our development team are skilled in working with popular developer tools. They can create animation, networking applications and more.

Native Android Mobile Apps

We can create bespoke Android apps, which will be available to download on Google Play. Our developers can help your business stay at the forefront of your market with the latest technology mobile application design.

Hybrid Platform Features

We also, offer an app using an Hybrid Platform and below are the features you can have with this.

Dealing with Apple can be challenging. We will navigate your App through their approval process quickly and painlessly, so you don’t Have to worry a bout it.

Dealing with Apple can be challenging. We will navigate your App through their approval process quickly and painlessly, so you don’t have to worry a bout it.

Once approved, you can update your App’s content automa0cally to both placorms 24-7,via our easy CMS. Upload photos, videos, event dates, special offers etc. 

We will deliver a custom designed and built app, based on your specifica0ons, tailored to your business

Benefits of having an App for your business:

From day nursery apps to solicitor apps. Android platforms to IOS platforms. Businesses to hobbies. Our mobile app developers can create a range of apps according to your specification, budget also and most importantly, with your target audience in mind.

With our easy Content Management System you can control All the content in your App from any web browser and Instantly update the informa0on to both Android and Apple

We will build your App with the future in-mind ,as new Advancements and features become possible we will provide these to you and your App

Like having a website was cupng edge 10-15 years ago, now to get a head a mobile App is crucial, get no0ced and get an App before your compe00on, it’s just a ma^er of 0me…

By aiding in pulling repeat customers back in to your business, and helping new customers discover you ,your App is a vital piece of your marke0ng weaponry and an Income driver

Your App will be live and discoverable in the two biggest mobile Market places ,Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.
Collec0vely these two market places have achieved over 21 BILLION App downloads in less than 3years.

Get them talking about you QUICKLY ,using our built-in sharing Capabili0es with Facebook, Twi^er and E-mail.

Send instant messages when ever you wish. 4% of e-mails get opened —97% of “PUSH“ no0fica0ons get read!

Provide up-to-date informa0on about all of your business events and Specials by crea0ng an events calendar.

Track your daily, weekly, and monthly app downloads with our Powerful, built-in analy0cs feature .

Above are just some of the benefits of an App, with each customer we look at your business or App idea and build the perfect App for your requirements. 

Types of Mobile App Development

  • Wholesale Ordering/Re-Ordering Development
  • Business Application Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Customised Mobile App Development
  • Branding Application Development
  • Marketing Application Development
  • Education Application Development
  • Utilities Application Development
  • Food Ordering Applications