Wholesale Ordering Apps

All kinds of businesses need to use wholesalers but in many ways, the wholesale process hasn’t really evolved to meet the demands of modern businesses. This is why our wholesale ordering apps can be so, very beneficial and it will be sure to help your business stand out and increase custom.

Our wholesale ordering apps can be designed to accommodate all kinds of products. Whether it’s food, drinks, clothing, or pretty much anything else. With one of our wholesale ordering apps, customers will be able to speed up their ordering process in many ways.

Finding products will be much easier and making repeat orders can be done at just the push of a button. Making orders through the app will be quick and easy because in this day and age making orders over the phone or even through a website is quite old hat.

With a wholesale ordering app from MobilePhoneApps Ltd, you can be sure your app will fully capture your business’s unique brand identity. We know every business’s needs are different so we work together closely with you to create a unique app that meets all your demands.

The wholesale ordering process is known for being quite old-fashioned but, you can modernise it instantly with one of our apps. Improving sales and speeding up the ordering process are just some of the ways wholesalers can benefit from our great service!

Both you and your customers will receive instant notifications after making an order as well so record keeping is easy. Our wholesale ordering apps can be designed to accommodate all kinds of wholesalers and they are simple and easy to use. While also being able to accommodate a wide range of innovative features.

Features on our Wholesale Ordering Apps include:

  • Instant updates with push notifications.
  • bespoke reordering appDisplay and instantly update opening times.
  • The ability to instantly inform customers on recalls or closures.
  • Upload staff profiles and all manner of business information.
  • Create and share digital versions of newsletters and leaflets.
  • All the eCommerce features a modern wholesaler could need.

The Amazing MobilePhoneApps Ltd Services also Includes:

  • We offer support for payment gateways.
  • A wide range of shopping cart development features.
  • Features a modern Report Management Service (RMS).
  • A high-quality but easy to use Content Management System (CMS).

So, if your business could benefit from a professional wholesale ordering app contact us today for a free consultation! At MobilePhoneApps Ltd our experienced team can help any business get their own professional wholesale ordering app. We operate in Preston, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, North West areas and throughout the rest of the United Kingdom.

Benefits on our Wholesale Ordering App includes:

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