3 Tips To Increase App Downloads Through Facebook

Just like with any product, your business app needs to gain traction to become successful. In other words, people need to know that your app exists, and then fall in love with it. Starting a […]

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The Essential List of 31 Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

Are you looking for ways to get more exposure for your small business online? If so, you have come to the right place. Depending on your type of business, you will find plenty of ways to get more traffic, leads, and sales in this essential list of digital marketing ideas for small businesses. We’ve broken it down into specific categories so you can work on the particular areas of your digital marketing strategy you feel could benefit you the most now, and work your way into other areas for future benefits.


Getting Started With Social Media

There are more than 200 well-known social media platforms currently in operation, and even when you trim the list to only the most widely used, you’re still looking at 20+ platforms. So it is easy for small business owners to feel overwhelmed, and to give up on social media before even getting started.

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16 Examples Of How To Promote Your App On Your Homepage

Increase your App downloads by ensuring you promote it on the homepage of your website. You can do this with a simple banner that links to your App’s download page. We’ve curated 16 examples of how other brands are using their homepage to effectively promote their App.

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