2016 Study: How Smartphones are Revolutionising the Customer Journey

2016 Study: How Smartphones are Revolutionising the Customer Journey

In a new study by SessionM, they look into how smartphones are revolutionising the customer journey and how/why they are so essential in people’s lives.

SessionM surveyed their network of over 4,000 smartphone users in a two-part survey.

Some Key Statistics:

  • 71% of consumers indicated they used their smartphone more often than their laptop
  • 86% of people use their phone for two or more hours
  • 27% of people use their phones for 6+ hours per day
  • 70% of people use their phones for calls and texting
  • 54% of people use their phones for playing games
  • Women are 13% more likely to browse and post on social media than men

Using Smartphones for Shopping:

In the past three months, 84% of respondents have shopped or browsed via their smartphone

91% of people used their smartphone for retail activities, such as:

  • 59% to find store information like hours of operation
  • 51% to find promotions and coupons
  • 51% for researching a specific product
  • 48% for making a purchase

Travelling Changes Mobile Habits:

App usage within particular categories increases significantly when travelling compared to when at home. For example:

  • 23% increase in using map Apps like Google Maps
  • 15% increase in transportation Apps like Uber or Lyft
  • 17% increase review and recommendation Apps like Yelp
  • 20% increase in travel and hotel Apps like AirBnB or Hotels Tonight
  • 15% increase in reservation Apps like OpenTable

App categories that decreased in usage:

  • 10% decrease in shopping Apps such as Gilt or RetailMeNot
  • 4% decrease in utility Apps like Weather or Calendar Apps

Mobile Apps Aren’t Going Anywhere

The majority of people use mobile Apps and mobile web or browsers.

  • 94% of respondents use mobile Apps and mobile web/browsers.
  • 36% of people spending more time using Apps compared to just 16% using mobile web.