Our Process

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Our Process

Building a website can seem like a long process but, with the MobilePhoneApps Ltd team, you can be sure of high-quality end results. We have detailed our meticulously crafted process below so you can see exactly how we work.

The Structure

This where the structure of your website is planned out. We consider your domain hosting requirements, the number of pages, fonts, forms, and more. Basically, it’s information gathering for everything we need to add to your website.

The Home Page

The home page will be the first thing many people see when they visit your website so, it’s naturally the best starting point. We use the information gathered from the first part of the process to implement the best design for your home page. This includes the layout, theme, style, and overall structure.

Copy and Images

At this point, we will source/ create all the copy and images needed for your site. Again, we will be using information gathered earlier to ensure it all fits the theme of your website and is high enough quality.

Completed Design

At this stage, your website’s design should be completed. All images and copy should be in place and your website will be ready to launch.

Testing/ Checks

While your website could go live it’s important that essential checks are carried out to ensure everything is as it should be. Once done your website will be tested on a temporary domain and when approved by you, the final touches can be made.

Going Live

Once approved your website will be moved to your domain and go live! While the hard work is done we will still make some final checks and add things like meta-tags and headings.

SEO and Marketing

Your SEO and marketing strategy will be set-up at this point and be ready to be implemented.

Monitoring and Reviews

After some time, we can start monitoring and reviewing the analytics of your website to see how effective the strategies are. This will also help guarantee the best ROI.

Adjusting and Continuous Monitoring

Monitoring your analytics will be a continuous process and your strategies can be tweaked and amended as we go to ensure you are always achieving the best ROI.