Mobile Apps For Takeaways

Takeaways today will always benefit from having their own dedicated mobile app. Mobile apps for takeaways are only going to get more important ,as the industry gets more competitive as well.

Phoning a takeaway to make an order is a slower much less efficient way to order something and most people just won’t do it these days.

Having your own app is therefore, vital if you want to capture the attention of more potential customers.

It will also make the order process much faster and more efficient for customers as well. Apps like Just Eat are very crowded as well, you’ll be just one of potentially hundreds of takeaways so, standing out from the crowd is difficult.

That is why having your own mobile app for a takeaway is so beneficial. Because your app will just be promoting your products! Mobile apps for takeaways make things much more convenient for both you and your customers in many ways as well.

Searching your menus will be quick and easy, every order will be saved so, making a repeat order can be done in seconds and our mobile apps for takeaways can accommodate a variety of different currencies and payment methods as well!

A mobile app for a takeaway will be sure to improve your business’s performance as customers will find making an order much more efficient and most importantly quicker.

Best of all, you can also utilise a number of exclusive app features to better promote your businesses products.

A mobile app for a takeaway is also very secure. Every time a customer makes an order both you and them will receive a confirmation.

So, you’ll never miss an order and thanks to their popularity with a mobile app, your takeaway will be sure to receive a lot more attention and business.

Features on our mobile apps for takeaways include:

  • Push notifications allow you to quickly send updates/ message to customers
  • You can share information about offers to anyone who downloads your app.
  • Display your opening times and change them instantly.
  • Quickly inform customers on recalls or closures.
  • Add your own staff profiles and business information.
  • Categorise your menu in multiple ways to make searching easier
  • Create digital versions of your newsletters and leaflets

The Amazing MobilePhoneApps Ltd Services also Includes:

  • Our apps can support your payment gateway.
  • Our apps can support both IOS and Android.
  • An efficient, high-quality Report Management Service (RMS)
  • An easy to use Content Management System (CMS)

So, every takeaway can certainly benefit from having its own mobile app and the MobilePhoneApps Ltd team are the people to call if you want one! Just contact us today for a free consultation on Mobile Apps for Takeaways for businesses in Preston, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Lancashire, Cumbria, North West England and throughout the United Kingdom.

Takeaway App with Printer - Goodman GT90 Wireless Printer

Adding Table Service to Your Apps

We are delighted to announce we are enhancing our table service offering and making it available to all without any requirement to use additional HTML, or add additional scrolling and clicks to find the correct table number.

All you’ll need to do is head to Cart > Order Fulfilment and enable Table service, on checkout you will then see the screens as illustrated below, all your order fulfilment options including table service will display and once you click table service, the customer can enter there table number and checkout.

Mobile Apps For Takeaways

Receiving Orders

Orders are sent via email, and will clearly display the table number, these can also be linked to an existing USB printer, connected via Google Cloud Print, or you can order a Goodcom GT90 Wireless POS Printer directly from our suppliers.