How web designers can make a website that’ll live longer

How web designers can make a website that’ll live longer

The last thing you want to do after investing in a website is having to make costly, large updates or re-build your entire site. This can happen when websites aren’t built with longevity in mind. Whilst web design trends come and go, small to medium sized businesses may struggle to keep investing in their website to keep it up to date with trends. And as your business grows, you may find the need to make updates to your site. Find out more about how web designers Liverpool can help you create a website that will stand the test of time.

Keep things simple

If you don’t want top have to update your website every few years, it’s important to keep your website minimal. Regardless of what the latest web design rends are, simple, clean and minimal websites are timeless and never go out of fashion.

Keeping your website simple will also benefit the customer’s ability to understand what you’re offering. The cognitive load (how much information a customer can take in) is low. After one visit to your website, a customer will typically only remember headline information about your brand, and so a simple and clean website will help to make that one key message stand out.

Another benefit to keeping your website minimal, is there’s less chances for things to go wrong. Bugs and issues can arise at any time, even on the most well-kept websites, so keeping the functionality simple will reduce the chances of down time on features of your website.

Don’t add too much functionality

Less is more when it comes to web design. There are lots of fancy, technical pieces of functionality you can add to your website, but the reality is that not many of them will benefit your customer. Web designers in Liverpool will be able to work with you to develop a website which will only include the functionality that will benefit your customers’ user experience.
Take accordions for example. The closed tabs that customers click on to expand the text. Research has found very few customers interact with these on the first few visits to a website, so presenting all your information, concisely, on the page is a much better way to get readers engaged.

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Think ahead

When you hire a web designer, make sure to think ahead. Try to consider how your business may grow in the next few years, and how you would incorporate this into your website. This will mean that should you add new products, services or other offerings to your business, the website can grow with you. Make sure to mention any future plans, even if they’re not set in stone, so a web designer can incorporate these into the research and thinking behind your designs.

Make sure it’s easy to navigate

If you have a simple and clean website, that’s a sure-fire way to make your website last longer. Couple that with easy navigation and you have a website that users will keep coming back to. Navigation includes both the navigation bar, or menu at the top of the page, as well as signposting on product pages, internal linking and call to action buttons. A web designer will consider the end goal of your website and feed this into the designs. If you’re looking to collect leads or convert customers in a check-out, it should be as easy as possible for customers to find those sections of the website.

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