5 tips to getting the best website design

5 tips to getting the best website design

5 tips to getting the best website design. Your website is one of, if not the most important way to advertise your business. And getting the design right is crucial to make the customer experience seamless. There’s nothing worse than a hard to navigate, slow or cluttered website, and it will deter customers from using your brand. There are many different approaches to website design, and website designers will work with you to create a digital shopfront that works for your brand. Here’s the top tips from website designers in Preston on how to get the most from your new website.

1. Keep things simple 

Customers browsing your website will often only take in small amounts of information at a time. And that’s why it’s best to make the design of your website simple. When you’re passionate about your business and can list hundreds of reasons a customer should buy your product or service, it’s often tempting to want to tell them everything. Keeping the design, and messaging on your website simple and to the point is the best way to keep a customer’s attention and get them clicking through your site.

Simple design doesn’t have to mean boring. There are thousands of ways website designers can make your website interesting and fun without overloading the page. Large format imagery is a great way to do this. Or you can opt for carousel content and showcase multiple products and features without cluttering the page.

Site bloating, or creating too many pages, will work to your disadvantage when it comes to SEO for your website, so don’t create pages unless they’re useful to the customer and will benefit your rankings in Google.

2. Write a good brief

Providing as much information as possible, up front, is the best way to get the most out of website designers. Don’t assume that they know what you want from your website, and even if you think some background information might not be necessary, pass it on anyway. The more they understand the company, the better they can design a website which will truly work for you.

When writing your brief consider:

The background

Explain to the website designer why you’re looking for a new website. What is it about your current website you’re not happy with? And if there are elements about it you like, what are they? It may be that you’re looking for a website for a new business, so tell them as much as possible about the business so they can develop designs which will work for you.

Your competitors

Provide a list of companies that are competitors so, a website designer can see what their website looks like. This will help make sure yours is differentiated enough from the competition.

Think about a site map

A site map is essentially a blueprint of your website that search engines, like Google, will crawl to find out what information sits on your website. It’s a great place to start though when thinking about your website, as it should list all the content pages you have. Writing this information out will give a web designer a great place to start from.
Examples of websites you like
Find examples of website designs that you like and explain what you like about them. This will give the website designers an idea of the style you’re looking for, so they can deliver results you’ll be pleased with.

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3. Take advice

Website designers are experts in their field and know what works from a user experience perspective. Take their advice when it comes to the design and layout of your site. You know your customers and what they’re looking for, so can tailor the content on your website to make sure you’re displaying the most pertinent information. But when it comes to the layout, there are tried and tested solutions which will deliver results for your business.

4. Be consistent

Good website design creates a consistent look and feel across your website. From call-to-action buttons to fonts and image layout, creating a consistent look and feel across your site allows the customer to navigate easier. A website designer can advise on aspects such as colour psychology, and will understand what colours, from your brand’s colour palette, will work best for CTAs, headings, and other elements of the page.

5. Stay mobile friendly

Most visitors, even business to business, will view your website on mobile at least once. That’s why making sure your website is mobile optimised is key. Mobile optimised websites are commonplace in today’s website design world, and good website designers in Preston will be able to create a seamless mobile experience.

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